Enhance your Apple TV.

Grayd00r community offers the ultimate support for your second generation Apple TV. Here you will find all kinds of information to supercharge your Apple TV.

from iTunes.

To customize your second generation Apple TV you need iOS6.1.4, also known as 5.3.

Download the firmware

Connect your Apple TV to iTunes with USB cable, from the Apple TV summary page in iTunes, click Restore Apple TV while you keep pressed the Option key ⌥ or Shift ⇧ on Windows and finally select the 5.3 firmware you have downloaded.

restore AppleTV2 with iTunes


To jailbreak your Apple TV2 you need Seas0nPass tool. This tool is not developed by Grayd00r, so please refer to the Seasn0nPass support.

Download Seas0nPass for OSX
Download Seas0nPass for Windows

Firecore aTV Flash.

aTV Flash is a great tool that the FireCore dev team developed for your Apple TV. It is a paid tool but it turns the Apple TV into a powerful media center. We are not affiliated with Firecore team but we suggest to buy aTV Flash.

Firecore website
ATV Flash Firecore Jailbreak

Grayd00r customization.

This is an optional step to dedicated to advanced users only. Grayd00r tool will theme your Apple TV with the new flat User Interface available only on more recent Apple TV3.

Download Grayd00r... (development suspended to prioritize iPod Touch and iPad release)


If you don't like or need the Jailbreak, the ATV Flash or Grayd00r customization on your Apple TV2, you can remove it and reset your device to the factory settings just clicking on the Restore button on iTunes from your computer.

Learn more...
factory restore iPod Touch

Development status.

Please contribuite to the Grayd00r project if you are a developer, a designer or you want to provide any suggestions.

Last update

8 May 2014 (development suspended to prioritize iPod Touch and iPad release)


SSH Automaticion Tool V1.0 for OSX

Not available for Windows


Partially suitable for daily use

Few apps could be not be launched or can be partially broken.

Installation tool must be improved


Global flat theme with some refinements needed.


No speed up have been developed yet.


Changed system version to allow installation of newer channels.

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