an injection of new life into your outdated device


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What is Grayd00r

Grayd00r is a suite of custom built tweaks and modifications to stock iOS designed to provide outdated Apple devices with a bit more life than they would otherwise receive. This is done by speeding up the devices overall and providing optimized software and modifications to the device to give it the look and feel of newer iOS versions.

We know older devices don't have the hardware punch newer devices do. That's why all the tweaks and modifications made to the device are done keeping speed in mind without cutting corners on the end functionality. Each tweak and modification is built to take advantage of the hardware and software it runs on, keeping the experience rich and the system load light.

Customization is a key part of Grayd00r. While we do provide the default tweaks and modifications for Grayd00r aimed for a good speed/feature mix, not every user is the same. That's why we provide plenty of configurable options available to the end user, ranging from simple enabling/disabling of system and tweak features to a whole plugin system that runs throughout the system that allows for anyone to easily create and load custom built modules to truly customize their experience.