Easy Installation.

Grayd00r 9 is the ultimate tool for your iPad 1G, both WiFi-only and Cellular. It jailbreaks, customizes the graphic interface and speeds up your device in one click. And it is totally free.

from iTunes.

As first step it is important to install this iTunes version for your Windows 64bit.

Your iPad needs to be prepared to start the Grayd00r installation. A restore with iTunes from your computer is the best way to begin with a clean device.

Watch the installation tutorial

restore iPad with iTunes

One click installation.

Download and run the Grayd00r installation tool.
All the step will be executed automatically. This software is easy to use also by inexperienced people.

Download Grayd00r...


If you don't like or need the Grayd00r customization on your iPod Touch 3G, you can remove it and reset your device to the factory settings just clicking on the Restore button on iTunes from your computer.

Learn more...
factory restore iPod Touch

Development status.

Please contribuite to the Grayd00r project if you are a developer or a designer. Or else report the problems you encounter with our bug tracking platform.

Last update

29 December 2015


Grayd00r v1.001 with OTA updates

Installation Tool v2.0


Suitable for daily use.

Expect some minor problems and please report them.


Global iOS9 theme.

Slide Over app switcher.

High-performances blur generator

Lockscreen with iOS9 look.

Icon size tweaked to match iOS9.

Control Center - beta.


Speed is improved in respect of original firmware.

Many system services have been removed to improve the general speed.


Access to AppTimeMachine web interface.

Installd service is patched to install any application.

Your device will be jailbroken.

Cydia 1.1.26 included.

Discuss with the community.